Time to Come Out of Retirement

November 26, 2016 at 10:33 pm | Posted in American politics, Elections, electoral college | Leave a comment

Now that Donald Fraud Trump is going to become president. It’s time to come out of retirement and start blogging again. The evidence seems pretty strong that the Russians influenced the election in several ways in order to get their “useful idiot” in the White House. Most important is the surge of fake news sites that made millions of people think wrongly of Clinton.

also, Clinton got over two million MORE votes than Fraud did, which clearly indicates that the electoral college system has failed and is broken. When the voter in Wyoming has over three times MORE influence than a voter in California, clearly the system is wrong and not as the founding fathers intended. They meant for smaller states to have a vote, to be considered by candidates for president, but they didn’t intend on the small states to have THAT much more power and influence over bigger states. When states like California and New York and Texas have vastly more people than smaller states, that should be represented in the electoral college so that the electoral college more closely resembles the will of the people. When 2 million MORE people voted for one candidate but the other wins the electoral college, that’s clearly not what was intended.

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