An Example of A Neo-Con Altering History

June 14, 2006 at 6:36 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Max Boot writes in the Los Angeles Times that, Truman acted alone too, giving some specious examples, and then throwing out this example:

The same pattern is evident throughout Truman’s presidency. The decision to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki? A unilateral U.S. initiative.

you almost want to go, “Duh!” of course that decision was unilateral, but by 1945, the only two nations still fighting were Japan and the United States, so, ‘duh’ it was only America’s decision to drop the nukes. His other examples might work better because they occurred after the war, and during the creation and formation of the United Nations and NATO. However, he uses two examples as well that don’t quite stand up to scrutiny.

The Marshall Plan to aid European recovery? Ditto. The 1948-49 airlift to break the Soviet blockade of Berlin? More unilateralism.

In 1945-46, what other nation even had the ability to aide in the Marshall Plan? None. Think about it carefully Mr. Boot. If there were other nations that could have lent support, would Truman have tried to get them involved? Same question in regards to the Soviet blockade of Berlin.

In other words, none of your examples really work, when stood up to scrutiny, and you just show how you like to alter history to fit your current paradigm, to justify Bush’s unilateralism.

So, Mr. Boot, if Bush is so much like Truman, what lasting international organization has Bush created? Bush’s “coalition”, how’s it doing? How many nations have dropped out of Bush’s “coalition?” How many are withdrawing support from Iraq even before we’re done there? Compare that with Truman’s efforts and let us see the results.

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