Trouble Ahead in South Asia

September 30, 2006 at 12:08 pm | Posted in Pakistan, War on Terror, World Events | 2 Comments

Uh oh, this is not looking good for South Asia. Indian police claim it was Pakistani spy agency that masterminded the horrific bombing back in July that killed over 200 people. India bore with patience the follow-up, instead of coming out with guns blazing. What is going to happen now?


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  1. Many groups have been blamed and later ‘cleared’ But- this… a ‘al qeada’ spokesman faction- claimed reponsibility for the bombing.

    “evidence about the involvement of the international Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda following a phone call from a man claiming to be a spokesperson for the group on 13 July. The alleged al-Qaeda spokesman had said the blasts were a “consequence of Indian oppression and suppression of minorities, particularly Muslims.”[31]”-

    having covered similar attaks here in Southeast Asia the attacks all bear the halmarks of the typical ‘dramatic and deadly’ stlye of the extremist group.

    I think also a tape came out with claim to this effect from one of al -Q leaders re; mumbai.
    But in this world afterall anything is possible.

  2. I await to hear what happens. I can’t see why we see Pakistan as our “ally.”

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