Glenn Beck Wishes Bin Laden Attacked The United States Again

July 1, 2009 at 8:40 am | Posted in American politics | 15 Comments

The man is a fucking insane lunatic.

He and Michael Scheuer think America needs Osama Bin Laden to detonate a major device in America, thus triggering an uprising of Americans to force American leadership to “change.” Glenn Beck wants Osama Bin Laden to attack America, so that he can use that as the excuse to cause a regime change in America, kick Obama and the Democrats out of office because they don’t agree with his ways. The man is fucking insane. He is treasonous.

As Gawker notes: Happy Fourth of July everybody.

PS: Glenn Beck thinks America bought Alaska in the 1950s.

What a stupid idiot. As Think Progress correctly notes, Alaska was bought in 1867, in what was known as “Seward’s Folly” for wasting so much money on such a desolate, hard to get to, land.


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  1. think about what Michael and Glenn are saying here. ONLY OSAMA BIN LADEN CAN SAVE AMERICA!

  2. This is really disturbing. How unfortunate that I was in Deseret Book yesterday and their #1 seller is this idiot’s book (at least it was in the downtown Salt Lake store.) How ironic that his book is called ‘Common Sense.’ Last time I checked, wanting a terrorist to attack me doesn’t fall in the common sense category for most people.

  3. And the right-wingnuts want to kill Obama?

    If there is a better example of how Republicans absolutely, totally, and completely hate this country, I would like to know what it is.

    This beats out their:

    Hatred for free speech. Witness the “Free-Speech Zones” they create. According to Repubs, free speech is only okay if you can’t be heard. Or if it’s accompanied with a 100K donation.

    “Innocent until proven guilty.” Every single one of the detainees is, somehow, automatically guilty. There should be no trials, according to Repubs.

    If you disagreed with Bush, Cheney, or other liars, you were somehow “unAmerican.” But if you call for the death of thousands, perhaps millions, somehow you are the Saint of the Right.

    My right-wing neighbor, supposedly a “man of god” and a retired minister, supports the idea of health care run by greedy corporations. Hates the idea of any public option, or the dreaded “Socialized” medicine. How can this supposed follower of Jesus be so diametrically opposed to everything that Jesus stood for? These people seem to think that Jesus overturned the tables on the poor, not the rich scumbags who the Republicans can’t seem to help enough.

    I could go on and on (I’ve been making a list for years), but it’s really a waste of time.

    90% of the Democrats are just as bad.

    About the only one in Congress who regularly makes any sense is Bernie Sanders.

    If only Republicans would wear some kind of “Star of Hatred,” so we could identify them. I sure don’t like giving my business to people who hate America so much.

  4. So, what’s wrong with what he said? He clearly stated his opinion – the only thing that will wake up America to the BS and inaction that’s going on in Washington is another attack. That will cause a grass-roots effort to get Washington to do their primary Constitutional duty – protect the people of the United States. Right now, they’re not. They’re using every crisis they can find and manufacture, to bring ever more socialism to this country. If Socialism is so great – please, go to Europe or Canada or Venezuela. I’d rather have a smaller government that stays out of my business, my house, my car and lets me protect myself with my own gun instead of having to ask assailants to wait while I make a phone call to 911 – only to be put on hold while they take calls from other poor saps who can’t defend themselves.

  5. Tom,

    Just like the good socialist you are – let’s publicly identify the “bad” people so we can ostracize them, and turn them (in other people’s minds) into the “animals” they really are. Then, no one will mind when we come for them and take them away to the ovens. Sieg Heil! You, and people like you (socialists) scare the crap out of me – and should scare the crap out of any decent human being.

  6. Gregg,

    I’d rather have a smaller government that stays out of my business,

    Um…you do realize that George W Bush and Ronald Reagan presided over the two largest expansions of government since Franklin Roosevelt. But it’s okay, they’re Republican.

    But I’m glad to see you are not afraid to say it clearly. You believe more Americans need to die in order to protect Americans. And you think our mortal enemy should be the one who kills more Americans. You are one fucked up person dude.

  7. Daniel,

    Please actually read what I wrote – not what you think I mean. I don’t want anyone to be killed. My point, as well as Glenn’s, is that we as a people have become too complacent. Our government, both Bush, but to a greater extent Obama, is NOT doing enough to protect us. It is my belief that another attack, whether it be by OBL, or some other hostile, is the only thing that will wake the people of the country to really understand that fanatics want to kill all of us. Conservative, liberal, libertarian – doesn’t matter to them. As long as we’re dead. I don’t, and neither does Glenn, wish for America to be attacked. Please, you libs can’t all think like Tom. Put a star on them and then herd ’em into the ovens. We have nearly become the Roman Empire. Those morons in Washington will be debating the color of the curtains in their chambers, while the real enemy is attacking – and at that point it will be too late. America will be gone. Is there someone out there that can rally America to the real threats against our republic? If so, point him/her out. My fear is an attack is the only thing that will make the majority of the people realize that we’re at war with a people that have been at war with just about every civilization for the last 1400 years. They were our first enemy after our revolution, and they’re still our enemy.

  8. Gregg,

    I read you perfectly well, and you restate exactly what you mean. You think the best thing for America is to have more Americans killed by our enemies.

  9. Again, instead of reading what I wrote, and the clear underpinnings and implications of what I wrote, you’ve made up a point that I never stated, or implied. You’re the kind of fool that will be fiddling while Rome burns. Very sad that you completely miss the point.

  10. You do state it, but you’re afraid to confirm it because you know what it means. Let me post your comments:

    the only thing that will wake up America to the BS and inaction that’s going on in Washington is another attack


    It is my belief that another attack, whether it be by OBL, or some other hostile, is the only thing that will wake the people of the country

    You believe that “the only thing” that will “wake up America” is “another attack” by our enemies. Where did I get your words wrong?

  11. Daniel,

    The words are correct – your understanding of them is wrong. They are meant in a mournful way. It’s very sad that people don’t see, and do something about the inaction, and foolish decisions being made in Washington. It is my FEAR, as well as Glenn’s, that an attack is the only thing that will wake people. It is not my wish for an attack, nor do I think it would be the “best thing” for America. I NEVER said that in anything I wrote, but that is the meaning you gave to my words. That’s the part YOU invented and attributed to me. The very best thing for America is the people taking back control of government, instead of leaving it the hands of the narcissistic fools in Washington. But, again – I FEAR we have become too complacent for that to happen without a catalyst of some sort.

  12. Gregg,

    You either don’t have very much faith in Americans, if you say this mournfully, or most Americans simply reject your, and Scheuer’s and Beck’s worldview, and think there is a better way to protect America without sacrificing our ideals, without getting extra violent, as Mr. Scheuer would like us to be. It’s a pretty pathetic worldview, because it requires the death of Americans for Americans to fear the world around them enough to consider your worldview. Don’t you see that?

    Finally, whether you view it mournfully or not, you still think America’s enemies need to kill more Americans in order for Americans to do the dirty deeds they would otherwise not do. And that is pretty fucking sick and pathetic.

  13. OK – you win. I really thought you were serious. Now I know you were just pulling my leg. Nobody could really be that ignorant of human nature and history to really believe what you just wrote. Joke’s on me. Good one.

  14. dude, you think more Americans need to die for the ones that survive the attack to heed your world view. and not killed by just anyone, but by our most hated enemy, Osama Bin Laden! that’s just fucked up

  15. […] after Obama. They would love nothing more than to see a Honduran style military coup in America. Let me remind you again of Beck desiring that Obama be […]

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